5 Car Insurance Coverages Worth Considering

2018-03-27 4:46:08 PM

In the insurance world, an “endorsement” is a change to the existing coverage in your policy. It can add or remove coverage, and it overrules anything that’s written in the policy itself. Here are five common car insurance endorsements you could consider purchasing to enhance your coverage:

  1. Waiver of depreciation: If you purchase a waiver of depreciation when insuring a brand new vehicle, you’ll be covered for the full purchase price or the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (whichever amount is lower) if your vehicle is stolen or damaged beyond repair. Without it, you’ll only receive the depreciated value (or the actual cash value) of your vehicle, which might not be enough to buy a brand new one. Before insuring your new car, ask us if you qualify for this endorsement.
  2. Insuring a vehicle to stated value: Sometimes the true value of an antique or specialty vehicle is higher than the actual cash value that would be paid out in the event of a claim (for example, if you had a 1957 Chevy and kept it in a garage since the ’50s and barely drove it, it would be worth a pretty penny — but its actual cash value would likely be considerably lower if you hadn’t preserved it so well). This endorsement allows you to insure your vehicle up to the amount specified by a professional appraiser.
  3. Coverage for transportation replacement: This endorsement covers the cost of alternate transportation (like a rental car) if you’re stuck without your vehicle because of an insurance claim.
  4. Legal liability for damage to non-owned vehicles: Also known as the “rental vehicle insurance endorsement,” this endorsement extends your liability coverage to protect you if you’re held responsible for damage to someone else’s vehicle while it’s in your care — as long as you’re driving in Canada or the United States. Bonus tip: If you have this endorsement, you may be able to avoid buying the rental company’s optional insurance when you rent a vehicle. 
  5. First Accident Forgiveness: If you qualify for and then purchase this endorsement, it will "forgive" your first at-fault accident when your policy next renews. Typlically available at a modest cost, it could save you from significant premium increases over the years that the accident reamins on your record.

While the names, specific terms, and costs of these common endorsements may vary by location and by insurer, they are available  for most clients. Contact us to find out if you qualify to add any of these endorsements to your car insurance policy or to learn more about the options available to you.